LM-1E 1250 Scroll Sheeting System


Scroll Sheeting Systems


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LM-1E 1250 Scroll Sheeting System Specifications

The following specifications are for a Littell Scroll Sheeting Line to be used for scroll or straight shearing. The line shall receive the coil with horizontal lift, traverse and place the coil on the payoff reel. The line will then uncoil, straighten, loop, cut-to-length, sort and pile both rectangular and scrolled sheets from coils of the following specifications, in accordance with the following operational requirements.

The base line consists of the following units*:

    - 13.6 Metric Ton Capacity Uncoiler and Coil Car

    - Visual Inspection Station including Thickness Gauge and Pinhole Detector

    - 16 Roll, Small Diameter/Close Center Straightener

    - Under-Driven Cut-Off Machine with Electronic Feed

    - Three Station Heavy-Duty Stackers (two prime / one reject) with Powered Discharge Conveyor

    - Manual Gauge Table

* Littell offers a wide range of auxiliary equipment for all scroll sheeting systems.

Material and Operational Requirements

Material Tinplate, Backplate, TFS, and Aluminum in tempers normally associated with standard can making materials
Plate Thickness Range .125 mm to .525 mm
Strip Width Range 600 mm to 1250 mm
Strip Length Range 457mm to 1200 mm
Maximum Coil Weight 13.6 Metric Tons
Coil I.D. 420 mm Nominal
Reel Arbor Expansion 385 mm to 445 mm
Maximum Coil O.D. 1828 mm
Minimum Coil O.D. 914 mm
Standard Feeding Range 457 mm to 1200 mm
Sheet length Tolerance +/- 0.15 mm
Line Speed Range 50 - 100 Sheets Per Minute/100 Meters Per Minute
Direction of Feeding Right to Left
Bundle Size 2268 Kilo Maximum Weight
Bundle Height 457 mm stack height over 89 mm pallet