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With over 300 scroll lines installed wordwide, Littell sets the standard for the container industry in speed, accuracy, quality, and reliability. Supplying over 90% of the worldwide demand for this specialized equipment, our commitment to continual product development ensures process superiority and investment advantages for our customers. Recognized as the world leader in scroll sheeting systems, Littell continues to provide the industry with the latest in performance technology. With speeds of up to 275 MPM providing output ranging from 50 - 300 sheets per minute and the ability to handle coils weighing up to 20 metric tons.

Scroll Cutting Saves Money

The illustration below graphically portrays the progression from coil stock to scroll cut sheets, to re-scroll sheets to can ends. In scroll_stackthis process, and due to the use of the scroll cutting pattern, maximum material utilization of the coil is assured. Actual material savings range from 3% to 8% on every coil.


The illustration to the left reveals the advantages gained when a scroll sheet cut from coil stock on a LITTELL line is used in a re-scroll shear. Blue colored sections mark material that would be wasted on straight cut sheet of the same length. The illustration shows how scroll cutting prevents the waste of twelve scroll butts and instead returns six complete can ends.

cupScroll Sheeting For Two Piece Cans

Two-piece can manufacturers sheet-feed LITTELL-produced prime scroll material into cupping presses to avoid press downtime often caused by pinholes, off-gauge and visual defects found in coil material. The first illustration shows the progression from coil to scroll sheet cups for two-piece cans.cuplittell_can

Straight Cut Sheeting For Can Bodies

straight_cutAll LITTELL Scroll Sheeting Systems can produce straight cut sheets for can bodies. The inherent economic potential of coil material is also realized here. Changeover from scroll cutting to straight cutting is quickly and easily achieved, with enough press die space and shut height to handle both straight cut and scroll cut dies. unwelded_canwelded_can

LITTELL Has The Largest Selection of Sheeting Lines to Meet Your Production Requirements.

ACCURACY- guaranteed feed tolerance and sheet to sheet repeatability of +/-0.15mm. SPEED- 50-250 Sheets Per Minute 60 to 225 Meters Per Minute. FLEXIBILITY- Optional Features on all Scroll Sheeting Lines. RELIABILITY- The Best Up-Time Average in the Industry.

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